Choose a meaningful place that you can return to find comfort and connection with your baby. It may be a place where you can have an honouring occasion on a day that has significance.

A Special Place

Having a place to visit and reflect, a place where you can just be, can be very important in your journey of remembrance. Think of a special place that brings comfort to you, such as a park, by the water, or a church where you can light a candle as a symbol of hope in memory of your baby.

Resting Place

Visiting your baby’s resting place and take fresh flowers to decorate. Some parents like to place angel figurines, artificial flowers, balloons, pinwheels or toys on their baby’s little plot. At Christmas time, tinsel and christmas decorations have also been placed on gravesites.

Blessing Place

You might like to consider having your baby blessed, which is still possible if they have passed away. This can be in the hospital, or it can be at a place of your choosing. This may then become a special place that you can visit in the future on the anniversary of the blessing date.

Annual Holiday

In your life experience, you may visited have a memorable place which fills you with happiness. Choosing to visit each year on a special date may give you something to plan and look forward to with hope. It need not be overseas; it may be as simple as a short road trip up the coast.


Connecting with nature can be a therapeutic path to releasing and processing your emotions. Sometimes, the simple process of walking in a garden, breathing in the ocean air or sitting quietly to absorb a view can help push away the grey clouds to remember the love you feel for your baby.

Honouring Meal

To honour your baby on a special date, it might feel right for you to share a meal together with loved ones at a favourite or significant restaurant. It could also be a very simple sunset picnic on the beach with your partner, or some time that you give yourself in a place that inspires hope.

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