No parent should feel alone in their grief. Lean on us.

Finding out your baby has not survived during pregnancy, birth or infancy may be the most traumatic experience you will ever experience. You have lost a precious little life, and you may need to lean on others to cope with the heartbreak and the grief.

Our hope is that we can embrace you with a network of care and support so you don’t have to grieve in silence. Let us guide you towards healing, regardless of when you suffered your loss. We offer empathetic one on one and couples counselling, or group support to help you in your journey.

Grief workshops

We facilitate a national program of healing workshops on surviving grief and learning how to live through it. These focus on both individuals and couples and they offer a supportive environment to bond with other bereaved parents.

Dads Sport & Support Weekend

A weekend for bereaved dads to come together in a social environment to reflect on their grief, and participate in group physical activities. 1.5 days,…

Looking Inward at Grief

Looking Inward at Grief is a 1 day workshop for either one or both parents to attend and learn more about their individual reactions and responses. The day starts at 10am and concludes at 4.30pm with lunch and afternoon tea included at no cost to you.

Meet our support team

Our caring support team offers a wealth of experience, with our counsellors being bereaved parents also. They have lived through the same pain and they are here for you to lean on, no matter whether your loss is recent or in the past.

Kelly Merchant

Registered Clinical Counsellor and Support Services Coordinator

Rebecca Leonard


Uday Desai

Volunteer Counsellor

Maria Bond

Greg J Boerma Photogenics

Greg J Boerma


Dorothy Packwood

Volunteer Counsellor

Grief wellness groups

Our parent-led groups are informal gatherings of bereaved parents who are seeking support or wishing to support others. They are a safe place to share your experience of baby loss and the grief emotions you are feeling. Know that you are welcome to share as much or as little as you wish, no matter how long ago your loss was.

Our groups are also facilitated by a qualified counsellor, social worker or psychologist and are a free service to grieving parents. Please be aware that other bereaved mums that are in a subsequent pregnancy may attend these meetings. The door is open to stand with others – to make connections, develop friendships and feel supported throughout your grief journey.

Note: grief wellness workshops are intended for adults only and regrettably we cannot accommodate children of any age to attend with parents.

“The Bears of Hope counselling helped us process a loss we never imagined we would have”

— The Hewson family