Greg J Boerma

Greg J Boerma Photogenics

Greg is the father of 9 children losing his 7th child, Tabitha Rose, at 22 weeks due to a nuchal cord resulting in utero asphyxiation. In 1996, fathers were expected to be strong for their family, extended family, and friends. Being devastated himself, he had to partition himself off from his feelings, so he could be there for others. For many years he had this feeling of an ‘aching hole’ in his heart which led him to Bears of Hope to support all affected with the loss of a child, with a particular focus on male support.
Greg has worked in many fields including extended stints in education, architecture and he completed his post-graduate studies in Counselling in 2016. He specialises in adolescent/family, trauma, loss and grief counselling. Greg works with a holistic style that includes mind, heart, body, and soul to offer ‘Hope’.
Greg’s involvement as a bereavement counsellor with BOH started in August 2018 at the Dads’ Sport and Support weekend at Wisemans Ferry, NSW.

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