When it’s too much to bear. A Bear of Hope can help.

We warmly introduce you to our Bears Of Hope collection to honour a baby special to you. A Bear of Hope can help comfort, offer hope and heal the hearts of families affected by pregnancy and infant loss, right across Australia.

There are 2 ways to create a lasting memory with a Bear Of Hope and keepsakes. 

Donate a Bear Of Hope via our Legacy of Love campaign, and your Bear Of Hope will be tagged in honour of your baby or a loved ones baby and provided to a hospital for another bereaved family. These donations ARE tax deductible and sent to hospitals as they are needed. 

Purchase a Bear Of Hope through our shop in honour of your baby or a loved ones baby. This may be a purchase for yourself or can be sent as a gift on your behalf. These purchases are NOT tax deductible and can only be sent to a residential address.

Choosing a bear to purchase. 

Hope is recommended for families who experience the early loss of their baby where there was no opportunity to see and hold their baby. She is a Bear that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Sophie is recommended best for families who have the opportunity to see and hold their baby. Includes late miscarriage, stillbirth, loss shortly after birth and in infancy (where not transferred to the NICU)

Xavier is most suitable for families who experience the loss of their baby in Intensive Care or Special Care Nursery or through infancy. He is the largest Bear Of Hope in the family.


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