A Guide for Parents

Helping you to navigate this painful time with practical and compassionate advice.

Getting through today, let alone facing tomorrow, may seem impossible for you at the moment. You may feel as though this heartache is never going to ease and that there is nothing anyone can say or do or say to lift your heart. At this time, we hope to can give you some insight into what to expect as you travel this devastating journey.

Understanding Grief

Grieving the loss of your Baby

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Supporting each other

The impact of this devastating loss on your relationship cannot be underestimated. It will be a course in time with many challenges and the strength

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Telling others

Family & Friends: finding the words to speak about your heartbreak may be very difficult in person. You may wish to email or ask someone

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Moving forward – the now

a. Say a special goodbye The time you spend with your baby will be moments cherished for the rest of your life. It is however

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Looking further – the future

Acceptance In time, the rawness of your pain and grief will subside and you will learn to live with the loss of your baby in

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