You play a critical role in supporting bereaved parents at the outset of their grief journey.

When you’ve done all you can, the support team at Bears Of Hope can hold them. We are here to provide the compassionate support and guidance that parents critically need at the beginning of their loss, and quickly build enduring connections.

If you work in Obstetrics, General Practice, Emergency, Maternity, Midwifery, Early Pregnancy Assessment, Day Surgery, Fertility Clinics and Social Work, our professional resources can help.

You are uniquely placed to supply support packages to parents before they leave the hospital, display literature at your practice and refer them to our services.

Our valuable in-service education program can directly benefit your staff and we can also offer guidance when times are trying for you.

Support packages

When it’s too much to bear. A Bear of Hope can help.

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*We are open across the Christmas period, however orders placed between Monday 21st December – Friday 1st January,  may result in a slight delay, due to limited staffing.

Referral services

Bears of Hope can refer grieving parents to a number of support avenues within both our organisation and to other reputable support bodies and specialists in bereavement care.
We offer grief wellness support groups at no cost to parents, which are parent led and psychologist facilitated.

We can also arrange attendance at state-based Grief Workshop which help bereaved parents gain understanding on how to survive grief and learn how to move beyond it.

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Professional resources

If you are a General Practitioner, Obstetrician or a Fertility Specialist, we strongly encourage you have our literature displayed in your rooms. Many parents who experience a miscarriage do not present at a hospital and suffer it in silence, often being expected to simply ‘get over it’.
It is vital that we can reach out to these parents through your practice so that we can offer our immediate care and guidance. There is no cost for you to promote this early support service.

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We can arrange inservices to selected regions, to educate your department on the benefit and importance of what we do.

“I wanted you to know that your inservice has brought about change on the ward, which will directly benefit women experiencing a pregnancy loss. It has increased knowledge of support for women and enabled the social work team to work collaboratively with the midwives to ensure best practice and holistic care. So, for this, I thank you.”

Laura Wilson, Social Worker Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

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