Brochures & Booklets

We provide best-in-class support literature for parents who experience early loss through miscarriage or stillbirth. These parents often try and cope with this trauma on their own with very little acknowledgement of their loss. Our literature has been overseen by Psychologists, Bereavement Coordinators, Doctors and bereaved parents.

Bears Of Hope General Brochure

Our lead brochure outlining Bears Of Hope Support Services which include home and hospital visits, phone and email support, parent support groups, online support groups, grief and loss resources, community events and our Bears of Hope packages.


Family and Friends Brochure

A practical guide to help family and friends understand the impact of baby loss and the ways they can meet the immediate needs of bereaved parents as well as ongoing support. How to acknowledge, listen without judgement and have compassionate conversations.


"Creating A Lifetime of Memories in Just One Moment" Booklet

For parents who have the opportunity to see and hold their baby within Maternity, including late miscarriage, stillbirth or loss after birth without transfer o NICU.
Included in Sophie Package donated to families via Australian maternity hospitals.

Creating Memories for Today, Tomorrow and Forever" Booklet

For parents who experience their loss within the Neonatal Intensive Care environment. Included in Xavier Package donated to families throughout NICU’s in Australia

Cuddle Cots

We provide hospitals, funeral homes and hospices with this invaluable support resource so that families can spend uninterrupted time showering their babies with love and creating those special memories before saying their final goodbyes.

Please contact us if your hospital or workplace requires a cuddle cot. We may be able to provide your hospital with one at no cost, through our wonderful fundraisers.
This may mean your hospital goes on a waiting list. Alternatively, you can order one directly today for $6500.

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