Understand what your loved one or friend is experiencing and how to respond.

When a family member or friend suffers the loss of their much loved baby, you may not always know what to say or do. You may be feeling helpless and powerless and quite distressed yourself.
This area will help give understand what they are feeling and give you guidance on how to support them.

Family & Friends Brochure

A practical guide to help you support those in your circle grieving.

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Early Support

Be there To let grieving parents know you are there extends deeper than you know. Grieving parents find comfort in knowing that others are thinking

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Offering Ongoing Support

Special Dates The first year is definitely a difficult year for parents as they will experience “many firsts” without their baby. Letting your friend know

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Employers Guide – Bereaved Parent Return to Work

Each parent will experience coping with loss differently. Some may find returning to the workplace supportive and others may find it relentlessly hard.

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