Building a legacy of love. Your way.

Our warmest hope for you is that you can find your own way to make memories of your time with your precious baby. These memories will be there for you to cherish and turn to in the days, months and years to come. They will hopefully allow you to come to an understanding that your angel will always be with you, and always part of your family.

The best way to remember your baby is whatever holds the most meaning for you.
Here are the ways you might like to honour your baby in the immediate days ahead and moving forward into the future. These are the links to your baby that will always remain a special part of you, and may bring great comfort to your soul.


Capture the moments so you can turn to them in times to come. A picture and your own words will help you connect to the memories.

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Find a personal outlet that feels right for you. Your feelings can be expressed in words, in music, in art. The process of creating will help you heal and grow acceptance.

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Planting A beautiful way to honour your baby is to plant a living symbol of the love that continues on in your heart. It might

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Choose a meaningful place that you can return to find comfort and connection with your baby. It may be a place where you can have an honouring occasion on a day that has significance.

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Make a visual statement of your love for your angel that will be there to turn to always. It can be an artwork, an ornament or something that becomes part of your identity.

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The decision to name your baby may be one of the most important things you do in your healing journey. Honouring them by name and making dedications gives their life meaning.

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Hold your memories close by keeping special items and mementos as the treasures they are. Your baby’s life was short but very real, and keepsakes will help you feel bonded as time passes.

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Donate a bear of hope in honour of a baby special to you, to support another family as they leave the hospital without their baby.

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