The decision to name your baby may be one of the most important things you do in your healing journey. Honouring them by name and making dedications gives their life meaning.

Your baby

Naming your baby empowers you to acknowledge the precious life that your baby was and always will be. For parents who have lost a baby through early miscarriage, you may feel naming your baby seems silly or makes it too real. However it actually allows you to grieve the baby as a real person, and not just an idea.


You might like to purchase or create a personalised candle with your baby’s name, significant date and a poem/prayer. Lighting your candle, especially on special dates, to honour your baby may assist with bringing peace, comfort and healing into your heart.

Star naming

To purchase and name a star in honour of your baby, please visit the Star Registry where you can choose a star visible from Australia. They can be specially framed for display.


You may like to design or write a card each year, or share your baby’s name with family and friends so they can send personalised cards on special occasions. This can also be a lovely way for young children to connect with their angel sibling, by creating a named handmade design.

Song dedication

You may wish to dedicate a song to your baby by name. This can be a private dedication, or a public one played by request on radio or on a memorial website. In our Resources area, we have compiled a number of heartfelt songs to comfort and heal, and you may find a special one here.

Healing Resources

Book dedication

There may be a special book that has significance for you or a childhood storybook that you would like to give to your baby as a memorial gift. Writing a dedication message in a book is a very simple but meaningful way to honour their name and it can be passed down in the family.

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