Make a visual statement of your love for your angel that will be there to turn to always. It can be an artwork, an ornament or something that becomes part of your identity.

Children’s Art

If there are young siblings or nieces/nephews affected by the loss, you might like to encourage them to draw or paint a picture to help them understand their feelings. These meaningful artworks can then be displayed in your home or even at your work desk to turn to at any time.

Framed pictures

You may wish to choose some of your most cherished photographs to frame and display with other family pictures, so that your baby truly becomes a part of the visual family history. This may become a source of healing for all, and a reminder that they are with you each day.


You may wish to have a candle lighting ceremony for your baby on a regular basis, either indoors or outdoors. It could be tea lights hung in the trees of your garden or a scented candle burning in your living space. It can be a very simple display, yet filled with much meaning for you.


Wearing jewellery that symbolizes and honours your baby can be a great comfort. You may wish to have a piece engraved with your baby’s name and birthdate, or feature your baby’s birthstone. A locket is a lovely way to display a picture of your baby or a keepsake. Bears Of Hope have developed a stunning collection with Aurea, and they can also custom design a piece for you.



An enduring visual memory that some parents choose is a tattoo. This is a very personal choice as it will become a part of you as your baby has also. Some examples are your baby’s name and birthdate, a special message or phrase, butterflies, or an angel.


Collecting ornaments to have as keepsakes in your home may bring some purpose into your day. It may be very difficult to leave the house for some time, however this project may help. You find comfort in choosing a theme that has a personal connection with your baby.


A personalized bauble or ornament for the Christmas tree, such as an angel or a star could be a way to honour your baby at this emotional time of the year. You might choose to buy a small present to place under the tree that represents your love for your baby.


Your baby’s birthday can be a very difficult day for many parents. However, in time you may wish to commemorate the day with a simple display in your home. It might be a handmade poster by your children or a personalised item such as a candle, a balloon or a floral display.

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