Find a personal outlet that feels right for you. Your feelings can be expressed in words, in music, in art. The process of creating will help you heal and grow acceptance.

Memorial Display

You may wish to arrange your baby’s keepsakes in a special display cabinet or area in your house. They might include clothing or toys, hand and foot prints, and cards. These can be accompanied by framed photographs or artworks that have special meaning for you, or a memorial candle.

Memorial Garden

Creating a garden of remembrance can be a healing experience and can offer you a place for quiet reflection, on your memories and emotions. You may wish to plant your baby’s birth flower or a rose with special significance such as angel face, baby love or childrens’ rose. You can add other touches such as angel figurines, a seat with a plaque, wind chimes or a water feature.

Writing Poetry

For those who may be finding it hard to speak, poetry writing can be an outlet to release the many emotions you may be feeling. The thing to remember is that it is for you and it doesn’t matter if it rhymes or not. It is simply an outpouring of your feelings emotions in a safe place.


Writing letters to your baby can be a way to work through your emotions and say the words you may feel you never had a chance to speak. There is no time limit on sharing your thoughts and love for your baby and you may choose to do this for many years.

For those who find music to be a healing avenue, writing the lyrics for a song may help guide your healing and create a beautiful dedication of love. If you are not able to do so, you may wish to engage a musical friend or local songwriter to collaborate and make a personal tribute.

Art & Drawing
When words don’t come easily, you may find art is a way to express your feelings of love towards your baby. It may be a very simple drawing, a painting or even a piece of pottery. You may decide to attend a class to help guide you through the development of this very personal expression.

Special Meal
Food made with love is always special. You may wish to choose and make a signature meal for you and your partner, or prepare it with family and friends and share it together on a special date of remembrance.

Birthday cake
Making and sharing a birthday cake to commemorate an anniversary date for your baby can be a positive step in healing. The experience can be shared with family, especially if you have other young children. The other option is to create your own design and have it professionally made.

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