Partner in hope with us.

Does your company align with our mission and values and is seeking to make a profound difference? Partner with us across different aspects of our organisation including fundraising, volunteering or sponsorship. Support a dedicated and highly driven organisation who stand with families and hold space for their grief, whilst working together towards reducing the isolation after the loss of their baby.

This can include donating a portion of your sales for a set period, a workplace match giving program for your employees, volunteering your time and skills, donating a prize or gift pack, through to becoming a major partner or sponsor of Bears Of Hope, our campaigns or support services.


Register Your Support  Corporate Fundraising Booklet


Corporate Sponsorship Packages Available





“We were so thankful for the support of Bears Of Hope over the years and by nominating them, I hoped Newcastle Permanent’s staff salary donations would be a means to show this gratitude. The fact that my colleagues have supported my nomination is really humbling and I’m very grateful.”

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