Understanding Grief

Grieving the loss of your Baby

You will grieve the loss of your baby in your own unique way, depending on factors such as the attachment you had with your baby, your spiritual or cultural beliefs, your personality, age and level of support you have around you. Some parents grieve publicly and openly while others do so silently, keeping their emotions hidden.

Your grief experience is complex and will not follow a set pattern, and it’s important to know that the way you grieve is a normal and natural response to the loss of your baby. Initially, it can take over your heart, mind and body, and over time the impact this has on you will lesson as you resolve your pain. There is no time frame to grieving, there is no “right or wrong” way to express it and most importantly, you have the right to grieve the loss of your baby and process it as best you can. Most of us will continue grieving in subtle ways for the rest of our lives.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

There is no linear pattern of grief to follow. It is a personal journey which may have many ups and downs, with times of great sadness. You may find you have a good day, but the next you could be feeling angry and lashing out. This can be quite overwhelming and you may feel out of control when these emotions surface. The best thing is to not expect yourself to feel a certain way, and accept that having a bad day may be necessary for you to move forward again.

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