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5 Tips on Coping This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day after losing a baby can be a complicated and painful day. You might feel sad, angry, forgotten, invisible, lonely or hurt. Mother’s Day belongs to all mothers regardless of where her babies are. Grief is deeply personal and the way you choose to honour your Mother’s Day is too. Here are five ideas to help you start thinking about what you want and what would work best for you:

TIP #1

Spend time ahead of the day to decide where you will spend it. Will you stay at home or will it be better for you to go out? If you feel obliged to participate in celebrations, how can you take care of yourself during this?

TIP #2

Call or send a short message to someone who also finds Mother’s Day difficult. Reaching out and connecting with others opens our hearts and helps us feel less alone.

TIP #3

Can you write down what you are grateful for on the day?

TIP #4

Who can you lean on to support you on the day? Is it your partner, a trusted friend or family member, or someone else? Can you let them know ahead of the day that you’ll need their support and how you’d like to be supported?

TIP #5

Would it feel good to buy a gift for yourself from your child? What would your child buy you? Why would they buy you that?

Mother’s Day High Teas are back for 2024.

Join us on Saturday the 11th May at 1:30pm (unless stated otherwise).

Tickets are now available for $25pp + GST and booking fees. All ticket sales are final and NON REFUNDABLE. Limited tickets available for some venues.

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