Kelly Merchant

Kelly is a mum of 3 children….two that walk with her hand in hand and one that lives in her heart. In 2004, Kelly experienced the exhilaration of bringing a son into this world. In 2007 her life was devastated with the news her daughter was unable to be revived at birth and in 2008 hope returned with the safe arrival of a third child, a second son.
Life continues to throw challenges but in Kelly’s opinion there is nothing more difficult and complicated than saying goodbye to your child before there has been the chance to really say hello. Relationships can become strained, personal values can be questioned and life as it was previously known can be erased. Kelly has been fortunate to travel this journey with her husband by her side and together they have renovated their hearts to incorporate a family that carries the love for a daughter they cannot see.

In 2013 Kelly completed her post graduate studies in Counselling, specialising in trauma, grief and loss. This compliments her undergraduate degree in Psychology and provides her a strong basis to relate using both the heart and the mind to guide her in the support bereaved parents regularly search for. Kelly has over 10 years experience working with bereavement and in 2012 commenced working with Bears of Hope, first in a volunteer position and in 2014 a part time role.

“It is my hope that through my communications with bereaved parents and their families, that they will be offered a glimmer of stability through what feels like a raging storm. In confiding and talking with me I hope there is a sense of comfort knowing that they are not alone on this journey.”

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