Valentina Juric

The message is for the beautiful parents of Valentina Juric, firstly I want to say I’m truly sorry for your loss. The teddybear you donated in honour of your precious baby Valentina has definitely made a big impact on me. After losing my son through a Neonatal birth at just 22 weeks. I received a special bag with a teddybear inside. Once I opened the tag and read the message with your baby’s name, I was sad but yet comforted in the fact I was not alone. This little bear sat inside my baby boy’s (Josiah) cot throughout my time in hospital. Almost like his protector. This teddybear now sits next to my sons Urn. The tag with your baby’s
name Valentina Juric will stay attached to this teddybear forever. I thankyou for donating this bear and helping me to get through the most difficult time of my life. ❤

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