Lily Hughs 2017

Thank-you for the privledge of being gifted with this beautiful bear in honor of Lily Hughs 2017.
When i received this bear for my precious Luna Mia – 7/6/23. I felt the grief and sorrow Lily’s parents would of felt with losing their little girl.
I always think about Lily when I hold her bear, as I think of my Luna Mia whom i lost. They are our precious souls who were not able to expereince earth side along with our unconditinal love.
Lily and Luna will be in our hearts until our very last breath.
Thank-you for this honor. It has helped me enourmously. I am not alone in this pain. I hope this finds the parents of Lily Hughs comfort as it has found me comfort. Blessings to you beautiful Lily, and blessings to the parents of Lily Hughs.

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