Harriet Grace

On the 18/11/22, my partner and I were told that suddenly, and without any indication as to why, our first baby girl, Ialu Noi, no longer had a heartbeat. We were just at term, at 39 weeks. The news shattered us, words couldn’t, and can’t describe the grief we experienced that night. The next day, my partner was induced, and our daughter was born. We were able to hold her, take pictures with her, and spend time with her. We were given a bear of hope, honoring Harriet Grace. To her family, thankyou, your donation was a comfort I didn’t know we needed, and has helped me know in my grief that there are others who know our pain. You have inspired me to do the same, in the hopes that our Bears can bring the same comfort to other families. I hope you’re both at peace now- Ialu Noi, and Harriet Grace 🤍🤍

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