Thank you to Graham's parents for their kind donation of a bears of hope package.
We recently lost our baby Jordan at just 7 weeks gestation due to an ectopic pregnancy which threatened Amie's life… and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate the pregnancy as part of life saving surgery for Amie.
This followed a miscarriage just 6 months earlier that saw us receive no formal support other than a well-meaning "at least you weren't far along".
The Bears package has helped both myself and Amie process our losses, work through our grief and feel supported after what was a whirlwind of medical interventions and rushed decisions. It's also been a wonderful resource for my 77 year old mother and my 10 year old daughter from my previous marriage… they have felt a part of the experience with us rather than outsiders.
We have many more steps to travel on our path through grief and we know this will never be 'finished' as such… finding bears of hope has been a Godsend at a time when society seems to not truly understand the gravity of a loss such as this.
With gratitude, Warrick and Amie Bidwell for BB and baby Jordan.

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