Flora Joyce Dyson-Smith

Our baby girl Debbie-May Jennifer Drayton was stillborn due to a rare condition Trisomy 18. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. It is hard finding comfort at times while dealing with this grief. We received a bears of hope hope pack with some great help and lovely gifts to help remember our girl. As her mother still being a Smith for now, it was most comforting to receive a bear in honour of another baby with Smith in her name. I believe j got this bag for a reason. I just know our baby girls have met and become the best of friends up in heaven and are working together to watch over both families. Baby girl Flora Joyce Dyson-Smith, and baby girl Debbie-May Jennifer Drayton, fly high together, find comfort in each other until the mummies and daddies that love you so much come up one day to meet you again.

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