Angel Williams #1 and #2

I’m not sure how to start this letter but I just want to say I am so sorry about your babies. I will forever think our babies are playing together. When we lost our little bean on the 21st of May 2023 and I was given your bear I felt so comforted knowing that somewhere out there our babies are playing together. I really do feel that this bear was meant for me. I have Williams in my family and seeing your family name gave my such goosebumps I couldn’t get rid of. The back of my hairs always stand up when I remind myself. I am so appreciative that this bear came to me at place where I am so lost. I hope your future was kind to you because you deserve all the happiness in the world. My fiancé and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating this beautiful bear that I can always hold. I hope one day we walk pass each other and get the sense that we know each other in someway. I will always think of you and your babies.

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