Harriet Grace

On the 18/11/22, my partner and I, were told that, suddenly, and without any indication, that our first baby- Ialu Noi, had lost her heartbeat. We were 39 1/2 weeks along, anticipating that at any moment she would join us. To say that the news shattered us wouldn’t even begin to do justice the feelings we had. My partner was induced, and gave birth to our beautiful little girl the next day. The hospital and social workers were so caring and tender, they then informed us about Bears of Hope, and we were given a bear- Sophie- honoring Harriet Grace. To the family who lost her, thankyou, thankyou for honoring her, your donation has helped in ways I can’t describe, and has inspired me to pay it forward and do the same, in honor of our Ialu Noi.

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