Dads Sport & Support Weekend

We offer a unique opportunity for Dads to come together with others who have been through the loss of a child using outdoor activities.

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September 2024

The Tops @ Stanwell Park, NSW

Sport & Support is social platform for bereaved Dads to come together in an environment with others who have been through the loss of a child. The event is a combination of being social, casually addressing specific topics that often come up for bereaved dads in regards to grief and utilising the physical activities offered. It will also have some structure to allow time for bereaved dads to reflect on their grief and their changed family dynamics but also an opportunity to focus on their own well-being and social interactions.

Our program has been developed by our experience counselling team to support Dad’s in their own grief and relationships. Through using outdoor activities, grief focused activities and peer support (including a BBQ and camp fire) we offer a unique opportunity for Dads to come together, share their story and find coping strategies within under the supervision of our counsellor Greg J Boerma. We promise you this weekend is not focused on sitting around and sharing feelings (but you can if you want) – but we will be doing some grief work with a difference.

  • Interstate travellers welcome to apply and funded by Beards of Hope. 
  • $50 commitment fee required at time of booking.
  • Expressions of Interest will close August 31st  2024


We ask that all participants behaviour reflects the values of the organisation:

  • Committed to achieving our vision with integrity.
  • Dedicated to and passionate about making a difference.
  • Respecting grief is personal and unique.
  • Every family has the right to be offered support without judgement.
  • Equal acceptance and acknowledgement of every loss.

Please also note the following will not be accepted:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Bringing of any non prescribed substance for use; including alcohol

If at any point you are feeling uncomfortable and wish to leave the premise – please speak with our counsellor.

Email for more information     Expressions of Interest 



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