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Support Update – April 2024

Our team of Bears Of Hope counsellors is growing and with that growth comes more opportunities and flexibility in our availability. In the past 6 months, we have welcomed Maria (Hobart), Uday (Sydney), and Dianne (Melbourne) to our team as contracted counsellors.

What’s on in September

Here we are approaching September and our support team continues to work to provide supports that reach all states and territories. We have been trialling many new avenues of support to reach both bereaved mums and dads – some well received and others less, please always feel free to send in your ideas to

Christmas Time

As we contemplate Christmas – especially in the early years of bereavement – we might wonder how we will survive. If this is the…


August Financial

By definition, August Financial are a mortgage broker - but also think of themselves as a financial support network. August Financial will be donating 15% of any upfront commission received from a settled loan to Bears of Hope - For customers who are part of the Bears Of Hope community. Promotional Period: 1/8/23 - 1/8/24.

Sonny & Rein

Sonny & Rein is a laser engraving keepsake and gift shop with a focus and passion for mums and their babies. From every Ollie bundle sold during the promotional period Sonny & Rein will donate $2 to Bears Of Hope. Promotional Period: 20/6/2023 - 17/6/2024.

Leisel’s Collection

Leisel's Collection - Designed to honour our baby. Created to honour yours. 25% of all jewellery purchases will be donated to Bears of Hope in honor of your baby. Promotion 1/2/2024 -31/01/2025.



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