Flora Joyce Dyson-Smith; Bailey Antoni

My perfect first baby died during labour at 39+4 after an entirely uneventful and low risk pregnancy. We walked into hospital, in labour, thinking it was going to be the happiest day of our lives, only for it to be the worst. Our entire world was irreparably shattered on the morning of 4 November 2021.

We were able to spend time with our beautiful little boy – Rory Heath Morris – thanks to a BOH cuddle cot. We got to bring Rory home for two days so family and friends could meet and hold him. We are so grateful for the precious gift of time with our boy, all because of the generosity of other families who have experienced this awful pain.

We did not receive a bear in hospital, we did receive a keepsake book (in memory of Bailey Antoni). I decided to raise funds for BOH for a Cuddle Cot, Bears and Keepsake Books. BOH reached out and sent me a bear with Flora’s name, which proudly sits on our “Rory shelf”. I’ve cuddled Flora’s teddy and it has brought me comfort in some of my darkest hours. Thank you, from Rory’s Mum xxx

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