Ellie Wakeling & Maddie Wakeling

My husband & I were given our bear in hospital when we lost our beautiful little boy Jesse in August at 12 weeks gestation very unexpectedly. We were blessed to be able to see him though, he was perfectly formed, 5 fingers & toes, ear buds, nose, mouth & tiny body.
We also lost our little girl Chloe at 28 weeks gestation in September 2018 due to a rare heart condition.
We did not receive a bear though at that time.
We have also suffered 3 miscarriages but have been blessed with 2 little boys in 2019/2021.
Due to the pain of Jesse being our fifth loss I had looked at the bear in honour of your girls however did not realise until this evening that our bear was for two siblings as I thought the surname was different.
We share & understand your deep grief & loss & I pray & hope that you have been able to grow your family.
We have a bear that we bought when we lost Chloe. Your bear in honour of your girls Ellie & Maddie will sit with Chloe in remembrance of our boy Jesse. I can just picture the four of them sitting together looking down on us from heaven.
We intend to gift a bear to another grieving family in honour of our babies as you have done.
Thank you so much for this precious gift.

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