Our Support Services

Through a range of different emotional and physical levels, we are all feeling the impact coronavirus is having on our world. For many within our community, there are newly bereaved parents who are looking for support and trying to reduce the emotional isolation they feel while facing social distancing. For others, the grief is being heightened through the changes that are being put in place and in some instances feeling like their own grief is having to take a back seat involuntarily. We also have parents in our community who are facing new life into their world and may feel uncertain and anxious about what this may look like. No matter where you are on your journey, that feeling of control may feel like it is slipping further and further away.

We understand that each one of you in our tight supportive community will have your own journey that may have been road blocked by the changes we are facing in the greater environment we live. What we want to let you know though, is that Bears of Hope is still here and we are continuing to do the work we do to support you in the best way we can.

While our face to face support groups are on hold, you may find support through joining our virtual support groups with Kelly, Greg and Dorothy, or through booking in an online or phone counselling session. These are all free services. Where ever we can, we are keeping things the way they have always been and where we can’t, we are trying to make minimal changes.

The next online face to face support groups are:

Tuesday 7th April @ 7pm with Kelly

Friday 3rd April @ 6.30pm with Greg and Dorothy

(These groups effectively run the same as a face to face but obviously you are connecting via the internet from your own home. We use GoToMeeting for these online groups and we hope that those who often join us face to face will consider this for the time being.)

We are working on ways to offer you that community connection in a different and more creative way. We are looking at options to continue your voice for your baby through our Beards of Hope, City2Surf and Choosing Hope Walks….we are not abandoning you and we are doing everything we can to continue to validate and reduce your feelings of isolation and for you to be able to share your baby with your community.

More than ever, please know you are not alone.


For further information or support required:

Phone: 1300 11 HOPE

Email: support@bearsfhope.org.au