Big journeys begin with small steps. Keen to set yourself your own physical challenge this year? Give greater purpose to your challenge and turn it into a fundraiser for Bears Of Hope.

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Set yourself a challenge this year!

You may like to organise your own event whether that be a walking/steps challenge or a marathon to run within your neighbourhood, a cycling event at your local gym,  bike ride or even a swimming distance to achieve.

Decide on your big challenge, make it as unique as possible if you wish, and then create your own online fundraising page. Rally the support of your family and friends to help you raise funds in support of parents who experience the loss of their baby.

If you’re looking for an organised event in particular, check out these sporting events held around Australia each year that you can register in and help fundraise for Bears Of Hope.

Create your fundraising page

Log your efforts!

Set your goal and map it!

1. Set up your online fundraising page

2. Integrate the relevant fitness app during the process

3. Sync, or manually add, to show your efforts on your page

Start your big challenge!

Receive a Bears Of Hope T-shirt

Raise over $150 and receive a free Bears Of Hope T-shirt or running singlet. Raise $300 and receive your shirt or singlet personalised in honour of a baby special to you.

Shirts are also available for purchase through our shop.

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Ideas to get you started

* Run 10km, 20km or 40km in a month
* Aim to run around a virtual map of Australia over the year
* Walk X km a week, for a month, in acknowledgement of the weeks you were pregnant with your precious baby
* Why not add a twist and dress up whilst you do this, like Larry the Leprechaun who raised $30K for Bears Of Hope running in a leprechaun suit?
*October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month. You may like to take part in our Choosing Hope – Walk Your Way event, or plan your own challenge for this special month.
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