Telling others

Family & Friends: finding the words to speak about your heartbreak may be very difficult in person. You may wish to email or ask someone else to call on your behalf if you are not able to have these conversations. Some will be unaware of your loss and will ask questions about how your pregnancy is going. You might need to mentally prepare yourself for these queries and how you will respond. Consider printing our ‘Information For Family and Friends’ article or email this link to them. There is also an option of giving them our Family and Friends brochure.

Colleagues: going back to work may feel overwhelming and it may be worth speaking with your manager or HR team initially so they can advise your colleagues on your behalf. That way you can have input into how the message is shared which may alleviate some anxiety for you. We can support the process by giving advice about what colleagues can and should ask you to show concern and empathy.

Insensitive Remarks: some people may not understand the impact that the loss of your baby has on you, and may make off the cuff comments that weren’t meant to hurt, but do. You may decide to plan some responses to possible remarks so that you are mentally ready to handle them. Alternatively you may choose not to surround yourself with those less empathetic individuals.

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