Rhys Alan Tattis

I was devastated when I lost my baby boy, Ryan Garland, on 2nd Nov 2012. Your bear that honours Rhys, has been sitting, wrapped in a baby blanket with my baby boy Ryan’s papoose ever since I lost him. I get on with life, like we all do but at this time of year, around the date I lost Ryan, I allow myself time to recognise the trauma and sadness and loss, as well as finding special things, to add to his papoose, which honour or represent things that he could have found joy in today.
Every year I bring Ryan’s Papoose out…and every year Rhys’s bear is beside him. Your beautiful gift of a bear of hope helped me through a very dark and sad place. I am so very grateful for your kindness. Thank you for your bear of hope. Rhys has enabled me to share my story and hopefully give hope to others

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