Milo lily lanzini

My thoughts are with the parents of darling little Milo Lily Lanzini 27/03/2017. •RIP•

On November 7th, 2020 I gave birth to my darling little girl sleeping , Elizabeth Jean at 23 weeks. She was diagnosed with anencephaly. (Parts of the brain snd skull don’t form) Something I had never heard of , yet was happening to us..regardless of her diagnosis, she was perfect. 10 fingers and toes and a cute button nose. A day I’ll never forget. I miss you so much my angel girl & I wish you were here with your big brother and sister and mummy..
forever in my heart Elizabeth xxx

Thank you to Milo’s parents for the donation of the bear. Youse we’re in my thoughts as soon as I held your bear close to my chest XX

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