Declan Noah Parker 24.01.2014 and Flora Joyce Dyson Smith 25/7/21

Thanks so much for the bears.

It is absolutely devastating to lose a Baby. I never knew that someone could experience such sadness!!

I lost my baby B. she acquired brain damage when she swallowed too much blood after early separation of her placenta during birth. She lived 22 horrible days being kept alive by machines in the NICU.
She was a perfect little baby while she was in my belly with no birth defects.
I say I would like to speak with someone with the same experience of losing there baby at birth after a bad delivery. But when I think about what I am saying I really do not want to meet someone that has had the same experience!!!

I am sharing my story online with other expecting mums to hope they do not every experience the same!!! Miss My Baby B, Bianca

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