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For Family & Friends

Thankyou for visiting here to seek information on how to support your friends through their loss.

Parents need to feel supported right from the beginning, whether they experienced a loss at 8 weeks or full term. It is those who surround them in their life who will make a difference in their healing, by allowing them to openly grieve and speak of their baby without any minimising or judgement. Grieving the loss of a baby is inconsistent and does not follow any set pattern. Even to the grieving parent many different emotions can pour through in one day, and take them by surprise. So it’s completely understandable if you don’t quite know how to help, especially if you are in shock, upset, or have not experienced such devastation yourself. Here, we have provided you with some insight as to how to support your family member or friend during the very early days aswell as on an ongoing basis.

A Parent's Dream

Once a baby is discovered to be developing inside a mother’s womb, dreams and hopes begin for a future with that baby. In a lot of instances, dreams and hopes for a baby begin long before conception. An emotional and physiological relationship begins and continues as the unborn baby's presence becomes more apparent; parents read about their baby’s development, talk and think about their growing baby leading up to their due date.

Many emotions develop as they imagine becoming a mum or a dad for the very first time or again. They may sing lullabies, rub their belly’s, carry pictures around from ultrasounds, start thinking of names, their excitement levels raise as they shop for baby clothes, they wonder if it will be a boy or girl and fantasize about what their life is going to be like when their very own baby comes home. With an impending birth, parents begin to define themselves by their parental role.

Your friend’s baby is a beautiful little life and a much loved gift created from the love of two parents and is very precious to them.

Then all of a sudden, their baby dies. A tiny life, but still a life and your friend’s heartbreak is immeasurable. They will never see their hopes and dreams realised for this little one. Part of their future has now died when their baby left this earth and it can be extremely difficult for parents to come to terms with this. This journey of grief is compulsory for them and they now need to find a way to get through each hour and day without their baby.

How can you help??