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A Parent's Story

Mum honours daughter and supports over 375 families

"I was living in the UK when I fell pregnant with my daughter, Eva. The pregnancy was an absolute dream & the only difficult thing was not having my family and close friends with me to share in the excitement. Unfortunately, at 24 weeks my waters broke and I was admitted to hospital with the medical staff preparing me for the worst. Eva wasn't ready to meet the world yet so I was discharged a week later. Another week later and my scans showed that there was very little fluid so I was readmitted to hospital where I stayed until Eva was born at 30 weeks by emergency c-section.

Despite her best efforts & those of the incredible team at Kingston Hospital, Eva passed away as a result of pulmonary hypoplasia. My world fell apart as I prepared to return to Sydney with my beautiful little girl in an urn - this wasn't the way I had planned it.

My family and friends were absolutely incredible in their unwavering support. The hardest part for me was feeling so alone - none of them saw me whilst I was pregnant, they didn't share the same excitement as me or get to do anything as simple as rub my growing belly. And most heartbreaking of all was that they never got to meet my beautiful angel either.

Fortunately I found Bears of Hope & they have been an enormous support to me over the years. Having the love & understanding of other parents who have experienced the same devastating loss is such an important thing - just knowing that we all have those dark days & that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Having a safe space to discuss all those firsts that we will never get to experience with our precious children, dreaming about what they might be like now. And hopefully, being able to help others in the same way.

Over the past 12 years, I participated in the City 2 Surf roughly 10 times & have been honoured to raise money for BOH each time. Eva would have been 10 in 2017 so I wanted to aim big & do her proud. I set a goal of $10k to honour her 10th birthday & was so appreciative that I was able to achieve it. In some small way, raising money to help the team at BOH to continue to provide all of the incredible resources they do for families during some of their darkest hours helps me to feel that Eva has been able to make the world a little brighter."
Eva's Mum, Tanya Honess
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Tanya has raised funds year on year for Bears Of Hope and supported 375 families through her efforts. Thank you Tanya!