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Our Name

When you have just experienced the loss of your baby, a very difficult journey begins. It’s a path that only one, who has ever experienced it, will ever truly understand the incredible turmoil of grief. But there is an underlying strength that can never be taken away from you….Hope. Our name was created to capture the spirit of what our program signifies. HOPE that through our bears we can provide comfort to parents during the darkest time of their life and HOPE that through offering ongoing support we can help towards the healing of their hearts.

Our Slogan “Comfort & Healing For Broken Hearts”

The words Comfort and Healing were chosen because these are two important elements we truly wish for bereaved parents on this difficult journey.
Comfort – We want to be able to provide this right from the very start. Working with and through Australian health system, allows us to reach out to newly bereaved parents with a bear of hope. We have found that parents are comforted with this beautiful keepsake along with the message behind these bears that they are truly not alone. Where parents are comforted, healing can begin.
Healing – We understand that no-one will ever completely heal from such a profound loss. Our wound goes too deep. But we do know that healing is an ongoing process and requires time. Through our commitment to ongoing support we hope that parent’s broken hearts will begin to heal and provide parents with the strength for positively identifying with their grief and surviving it.

Our Logo

In its simplicity, an angel halo used in conjunction with our name, signifies the core focus of our support program.

Our Image

The fundamental base of our image was to reflect hope. The teddy bears hugging and looking forward into the light captures this perfectly The two different sized bears also portray our values of supporting all families who experience either a miscarriage or later loss.