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Support Packages

We supply Bears Of Hope Packages at no cost to hospitals to be passed onto families before they leave their baby. Through our bears of hope resources, parents are acknowledged, comforted and guided through their loss. They are empowered with vital information before they leave the hospital to minimise any regrets surrounding spending time and creating memories with their baby.These packages provide an immediate link to a community of support giving parents options and a place to start. We understand how crucial it is that parents feel supported from the very beginning of their loss to facilitate their grieving and healing journey more effectively.

We offer 3 invaluable packages for support:
1) Hope Package for families who don't have the opportunity to see and hold their baby
2) Sophie Package for families who see and hold their baby
3) Xavier Package for families who experience the loss of their baby within the NICU environment.

These support packages were developed from the personal experiences of the executive committee and feedback from the many parents we support on a daily basis. Our support literature is overseen by Psychologists, Doctor's, and Bereavement Coordinator's.

Our Beyond The Bear Program is as vital as our Early Support Program. We currently offer Parent-led pyschologist faciliated support groups at no cost to parents aswell as many other important services and choices for parents.

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