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The Time Ahead

The love you feel for your baby will be there eternally. Equally, your heartache may resonate for some time. Parents have found that including keepsakes around the home where they can see and touch them has facilitated their healing. Often there are times where parents have nothing tangible that their pregnancy even existed, except perhaps a positive pregnancy stick, and the emptiness left is inconceivable. So we have provided ideas parents have drawn on to create their own beautiful memories and to help find comfort within.

Plant a Tree or Flower

A beautiful way to honour your baby is to purchase a tree or a plant; a living symbol of the love that continues on for your baby. For example, the birth flower of your baby, or a plant that has the same name as your baby. You might like to keep it in a pot so you can move it around, or plant it in a special memorial garden. Some parents have sent out packets of seeds for their family and friends to plant in honour of their baby. The following is a list of birth flowers for each month.

Carnation or Snowdrop
Violet or Primrose
Daffodil or Jonquil
Daisy or Sweet Pea
Lily Of The Valley or Hawthorn
Rose or HoneySuckle
Larkspur or Water Lily
Gladiolas or Poppy
Aster or Morning Glory
Calendula or Cosmos
Narcissus or Holly

Create a Memorial Garden

Creating a memorial garden can be very therapeutic and a special place to go to experience your emotions in a private setting. The beauty of nature can bring a sense of peace and calm into your heart. You might like to include your baby’s birth flower, beautifully scented flowers, colours you associate with your baby, angel figurines, a seat, plaques, wind chimes or a special water feature. There are many roses with significant names like the children’s rose, angel face rose, and the baby love rose. You may also like to write your thoughts and feelings in a special diary within your memorial garden.

Memorial Display

You may like to bring your baby’s keepsakes together and set them up in a special display cabinet or area in your house.


You might like to buy or create a piece of jewellery that symbolizes and honours your baby. Wearing jewellery close to your body can bring great sense of comfort. You may wish to engrave your baby’s name and birthdate on a piece of jewellery or purchase jewellery which has your baby’s birthstone. Perhaps you would like to buy a locket where you could insert a picture or something of significance to your baby.

Bears Of Hope have developed our own collection of jewellery pieces through Aurea. You can view these through Aurea will work with you to purchase or even design the piece you are after.

We have provided a list of birthstones associated with each month of the year.


January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Bloodstone or Jasper
April Diamond or Sapphire
May Emerald or Agate
June Alexandrite or Emerald
July Ruby or Onyx
August Sardonyx or Carnelia
September Sapphire or Peridot
October Tourmaline or Aquamarine
November Citrine or Topaz
December Zircon, or Ruby


January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Moonstone, Pearl
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal, Tourmaline
November Topaz, Citrine
December Turquoise, Blue Topaz

The Porcelain Urn Company

Handmade by Debra Taylor, highly regarded ceramic artist with 22 years experience, these elegantly refined urns enshrine the ashes of the person you love. Made from the finest porcelain, a material treasured throughout history, the urn is personalised by your choice of words - a poem, a phrase, a quote, a reminder of a poignant moment. It is an elegant and ongoing memorial to a valued life.
Debra Taylor, Co-founder of claypool
Mobile: 0407 106 137
The ashes are contained within a silk pouch inside the urn.

Memory Box

There are many different kinds of memory boxes to store your babies most precious keepsakes in. You might like to create or purchase your own memory box; a place you can go to on special dates or when you feel the need to.

Recognition of Life Certificate

Bears Of Hope have created a Recognition of Life Certificate for parents who experienced the loss of their baby before 20 weeks gestation and don’t get the opportunity to have a formal birth certificate. We recognize you have lost a beautiful little life who was very much loved and cherished.

Name Meaning Certificate

Some parents get their baby’s name meaning printed and framed. Details usually include -
Name, Birthdate, Name Origin, Name Meaning, Charisma, Recreation, Relationships, Personality, Emotion, Opportunity and Personal Profile. This can also be placed in a Memorial Scrapbook.

Framing Birth Certificate

When ordering your Baby’s Birth Certificate, you might like to also include purchasing a commemorative Birth Certificate which you can frame and place on your wall.

Online Memorial Webpage

There are a range of websites you can create in honour of your baby. Some are free whilst others require a monthly/yearly subscription.

Personalised Candle

You might like to purchase or create a personalised candle with your baby’s name, significant date and a poem/prayer. Lighting your candle, especially on special dates, to honour your baby may assist with bringing peace, comfort and healing into your heart.

Purchase a Star

To purchase and name a star in honour of your baby please visit Star Registry.


Some mums and dad’s have gone on to get a tattoo. Some examples are of their baby’s name and birthdate, butterflies or a picture of their baby.

Scrapbook Memory Album

Scrapbooking is extremely therapeutic. Creating your baby’s life story and expressing your feelings through these pages can facilitate your grieving and healing. You may also feel a sense of achievement to honour your baby this way. You might like to include your pregnancy photo’s or information, baby’s birth information, photo’s, readings from the funeral, poetry, words of a significant song, cards you received, your story etc.

Special Urn

Please ask the Funeral Director what they have to place your baby’s ashes in. You might like to choose or purchase a special Urn for your baby.

Donation to a Charity

On special dates, such as your baby’s birthday or at Christmas time, you might like to make a donation to a Charity in honour of your baby. Bears Of Hope sells Sophie and Hope, our exclusive bears if you would like to donate one in honour of your own baby to another family or as a gift for yourself. We can also receive monetary donations that are tax deductible. You may wish to place a gift for another child, who would be the same age your baby would be, under the K-Mart Tree each Christmas.

Portrait/Professional Sketches

You might like to have a professional sketch of your baby done from one of the photo’s you have. If you feel uncomfortable about placing a photo of your baby in view of guests in your home, this might be a less confronting option.

Writing Poetry or Music/Keeping a Journal

There’s no doubt about the remedial benefits gained through writing. It opens an avenue for people to express themselves & their emotions creatively, factually, and spiritually. For those who find it hard to speak to others, writing can prevent bottling up your emotions. Writing letters to your baby, writing poetry & music, or just expressing your emotions and information about your baby’s life is a safe place for you to positively work through your grief. You might like to purchase a special diary and a pen specifically for this.

Posting a Birth and/or Memorial in Newspaper

Informing your friends and family of the birth and/or death of your baby through the local newspaper may ease the pain of having to tell people directly. It’s also something you can hold onto as a keepsake and place in your baby’s memory box or in their scrapbook memorial album.

Ashes in Teddy Bear

Some parents have organized to place the ashes of their baby inside a special teddy bear. It has brought great comfort to be able to hold & cuddle this teddy bear to feel close to their baby, rather than displaying their baby’s ashes in an urn.

A Special Place to Visit

You might have or find a special place to go to, such as a park, by the water, or the beach that brings comfort to you. A place where love, peace and calm can fill your heart, a place where you allow yourself to just be, and a place where you feel at one with your heavenly baby. Having a place to visit and reflect can bring healing to families. Some parents find great comfort in going to a church and lighting a candle as a symbol of hope in memory of their baby.

Create a DVD/Slideshow

There are computer programs available where you can personally create a DVD slideshow of photo’s of your baby and/or keepsakes, together with written information. A heartwarming way to honour and remember your baby’s life, you may like to give this to family and friends on a special date.

Children’s Art

If there are siblings or other children around, you might like to encourage them to draw a picture, or write a letter, to help them with their feelings.

Ornaments, Books and Pictures

Collecting ornaments, special books or pictures to have as keepsakes around your home may bring some purpose into your day. It may be very difficult to leave the house for some time, however being out doing something to honour your baby may be just what you are able to do. You might like to purchase a picture of the sunrise or setting on your baby’s birth date. There are websites who offer this.

Resting Place

Visit your baby’s resting place and take fresh flowers to decorate. Some parents like to place angel figurines, artificial flowers, balloons, pinwheels or toys on their baby’s little plot. At Christmas time, tinsel and christmas decorations have also been placed on gravesites.

Releasing Butterflies

On special dates, many parents have purchased butterflies to release each year on special dates. Butterflies are a beautiful sign for hope and healing.

Special Dates

Special Dates such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day are very difficult to face. For some, the lead up is usually much harder than on the actual day. For others, it can feel too unbearable. You might like to choose to have a private remembrance or invite your loved ones together to honour your baby on these occasions. You might like to have a picnic in a special park, go to your favourite restaurant, walk by the water, release balloons, light a candle, visit the gravesite, donate to a charity, buy or make something especially for this day. Whether you are on your own, or are surrounded by family & friends, this is a time for you and your baby.

Christmas Time

Make or purchase a personalized Bauble or ornament for the Christmas tree, purchase a gift to place under the K-mart Tree to be given to another child in honour of your baby, light a candle during the day, visit the cemetery, donate a bear in memory of your baby to another family through Bears Of Hope.

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