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"When I had my beautiful baby and she was born sleeping, my world crashed. The pain was so intense and I couldn't focus on anything...then the midwife walked in and handed me my bear. I read the tag and saw that some other poor mum had lost twin girls, and had somehow survived. I thought to myself that there maybe some hope for me. That if that mum had got through then I may too. Even though my heart was broken I knew I wasnt alone. Even though leaving hospital without my girl, I had this bear to remember her by. I then had connect with other mums who know exactly what it's like and don't care if your happy, sad or furious. Now 3 yrs later I hope my advice helps others in their loss.....all this thanks to Bears of Hope and Toni for that bear in memory of Jacinta and Madelin."
S. Bowden

"I was given a Bear of Hope after losing my baby boy nearly two years ago. The feeling of knowing that I wasn't alone at this heartbreaking time was so comforting. Since that day I have gone on to form friendships with many women via the BOH online support groups. It is so nice to have a safe place to talk openly about our feelings with people who really do understand our situation. I don't know where I would be today if I wasn't introduced to Bears of Hope and their amazing support services."
A. Thackeray

"On 8/3/2012 our son Tom Travis Southern was stillborn at 38+5 weeks. After the initial shock of being told our baby had passed away, the realisation hit me that I would have to give birth and leave the hosptial without our baby. I spent the night in hospital before I was induced trying to conjour up the strength to give birth to a baby that would not cry out, would not take it's first breathe, would not see my face and would not hear me say "I love you" face to face. Our son Tom was born at 1:45pm and while we where giving him all the hugs and kisses we could the Social Worker at Manly Hospital entered the birthing suite and handed me a Sophie bear from the Bears of Hope organisation. I looked at this Bear and thought I don't want a stupid teddy bear I want my baby boy. We spend the entire day with Tom, his daddy gave him a bath and we dressed him in a new outfit his aunty and nanny got for him. The Sophie bear was with us the entire time hanging in the background. I picked up the bear at one time during the day and took a close look at it, I noticed a tag that said that this bear in particular was donated in the memory of another little boy Ryan Jon McDonald and his date of birth was the 17/9/2010, I look at Kim, one of our wonderful midwives, and said to her "my god that is Travis' birthday" I thought of Ryan's mother and father and felt like we were not alone in the this pain, that another family had gone through this and they had survived. It wasn't until nighttime when our Tom was taken to the morgue instead of the baby nursery that Ipicked up the bear again and I didn't let go all night, that fact that I held something in my arms got me through the night and many other nights since. I took me many weeks to finally make contact with the Bears of Hope online support group, evertime I tried it was just too much pain. It was Travis' first day back at work that I needed to reach out it was a particuly hard day being alone for the first time, I was instantly supported by a wonderful group of Angel Mummies and they helped me get through that day. I have gotten a huge amount of support from many Angel Mummies and Daddies since and I feel closer to them because they have walked in my shoes and know how to survive. The advise I also received has been great also because I have never lost anyone close to me before. I don't know how I am supposed to get through this grief. If it weren't for Bears of Hope I would be far worse off as most peoples lives go on but we are missing our boy every single second of the day."
J. Southern

"When I lost my little boy tyson I left the hospital feeling so empty all I had was my little blue bear of hope to cuddle, it means so much to me!"
J. Vanzanten

"Whilst on holidays in New Zealand in April, 2010 our baby boy Blake was born prematurely at 23weeks - after 40 minutes of courage he passed away. Upon our return to Sydney I received a support pack from our local hospital which included the website address for Bears Of Hope. At this time of unbelievable grief I was searching for anything that would help ease the pain I felt and the Bears of Hope online support group provided me with this. Although I did not contribute many posts, the ones I did gave me replies which reassured me in a non-judgemental way and made me feel I was not alone. In addition, being able to read other woman's posts helped me through the stages of grief that I was experiencing. Now (two years on since Blake's passing) I still find support from Bears of Hope, in that I donate a Bear around the time of his Angelversary to honour him and this gives me a great amount of comfort and hope knowing our precious little man maybe helping another family. With warmest regards,
T. Ellmoos

"Nothing will take away the pain you feel when you lose your baby. Years will pass and there will still be that tiny bit of your heart that won't mend. I have found with each year that passes I have been able to find my peace by donating a Bear of Hope on the anniversary of my baby's birth. Knowing that a family will be given a bear in honour of my baby during a very dark period of their life helps me stay strong. I look at the bear we were given and cannot describe how much that small gesture has meant to me. I have cried with this bear and somehow it has helped me through. Knowing what receiving a bear feels like makes giving the bears even more amazing. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to people who are often forgotten in society.
L. Rich

"My children received a bear each from our counselor at westmead hospital when we lost our son Isaac at 25 weeks and he lived for 3 days,at 1st I didnt think my teen sons would accept a bear but surprise they did and I am so glad my mum convinced me to let them receive one small bear each. one of the bears was a Jesse Buttons Bear and this meant so much as our Isaac was Isaac Jesse.our daughter received a sophie bear which she still has in her bed now. at her brother s funeral she had her teddy and others in her doll pram and the bears I received in hospital as gifts we placed around the funeral room I made blue and white bow ties for all these bears. these bears including my Chelsea bears of hope bear all sit on my bedside table and if i am missing my boy one gets to room in with me and I cuddle it as I remember my time with my the bears are a source of comfort and when I couldn't express to my hubby how I was feeling he knew cause I was crying and hugging my bear.the small bears are also very close to the size of our Isaac so this also makes it more comforting as if I shut my eyes I can pretend I am cuddling him as he died on my chest . A major point to add is that I am a frog person and all these bears have become cherished items in my life and my frogs are collecting dust."
L. Warren

"When our beautiful daughter Andy was born sleeping my world stopped. The thought of leaving the hospital with empty arms was so painful, having our bear Sophie to hold onto gave me comfort! A year later I still cuddle our bears of hope bear when I need to feel close to our Andy. Thank you!"

"I lost my Daughter Faith in January this year and Gosford Private Hospital were so great they gave me a Bears Of Hope Bag that helped us so much. I mean nothing will ever take away the pain and the emptyness you feel and there will always be that part of you that is missing something. I would like to say Thank you so much."
S. Gottardo

"I recieved a Bear of Hope Bear in 2010 after Bella passed away. The Bear was donated in memory of Brock Riddiford. Over the past 2 years Brock's Mum Kerri & I have become friends. We have supported each other through our grief and also during our rainbow babies pregnancies. We finally got to meet each other on the 2nd of April 2012. With our adored babies Noah & Noah.
J. Diefenbach

"We received a bear when we lost our son at 16w. When we where booked into Bowral hospital the day I found out I lost him, the midwifes came in and gave me a bear and a package before they induced me, brought tears to my eyes that somebody was trying to help us that didn't even know us. It made my husband tear up too. I labored for 18hours and he was born Blake Wayne Russell at 3pm 20.3.12. When we got home from hospital I put the bear in our soon to be nursary. He's still sitting on the change table now. I planted the seeds that we got in the packet. Also flicked through the brochures and found the bears of hope fb pages. As I searched fb, found your page, went through your photos and I found the photo of Ryan bears.. "Omg I said' as I thought to myself 'I have one of these bears" and commented how much I appreciate someone else helping me through this, I think Ryan's mummy replied. How amazing is that? Straight away I started our little fundraiser for our little boy, and I'm constantly on the fb page reading stories and watching all the status. I do feel alone with my (friends) not knowing what I'm going through but I'm not alone once I'm talking to mummies on your page, their is SO much support I'm really grateful. Thankyou for giving me someone to talk to about my loss, who knows exactly what I'm going through.
K. Russell

"The Bears of Hope package we received in hospital when we were having our angel Charlotte has been an ongoing source of comfort. I had a bear to hold as comfort and poems to read to remind me I was not alone. I was able to use those poems as inspiration when planning Charlotte's funeral service. I see daily the support the Bears of Hope online group is to so many grieving parents: that it is a place we feel safe to share our stories and know we will receive understanding is a credit to those who have worked so hard behind-the-scenes to make Bears of Hope a much needed, reality. I thank those who tirelessly give their support, those who have donated and also the family of Edward James Vicary for donating bears of hope in memory of their Angel so that I could receive support when it was time to welcome and farewell my angel, Charlotte."

"I first found out about Bears of Hope through a midwife at the port macquarie hospital when we miscarried at 12 weeks. The little bear has helped me as when I'm feeling sad I hold it tight and know I am not alone, and my other children have found comfort in the bear as well. To recieve the little bear after losing our baby was great as I had something to hold on the long trip home from the hospital. I was able to explain it a little easier to my children and they could touch and hold and understand a little better, and know that our little baby wasnt alone now either. I bought a package and the cd a month after and I'm going to do a fundraiser in October to mark the annaversary. I have found your website and facebook site a great help as the feelings I have had since. Thankyou is not a big enough word for what you guys have done and are still doing!!!"