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Hope Package

Hope Package- Early Pregnancy Loss

We donate Hope Packages to support families who experience an early pregnancy loss where they don't have the opportunity to see and hold their baby.

Our Hope Package brings comfort, acknowledgement and hope to so many families who experience a miscarriage. Miscarriage loss is still such a silent grief throughout the community and its impact on parents is often overlooked and undervalued, resulting in feelings of loneliness and even depression.

We at Bears of Hope challenge community beliefs through our values that no loss is more important than another and everybody has the right to be offered support without judgement.

These Hope Packages are offered through Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics, Emergency Departments, Day Surgeries, Social Work Departments and IVF Clinics.

Our Hope Package includes:

  • A Hope bear donated in memory of a family's precious baby
  • Our brochure "Support and Guidance for Parents who experience a Miscarriage" immediately connecting parents with our support network
  • A Candle
  • Seeds of Hope (Forget-Me-Not Flowers)
  • Journal / Notepad and Pen
  • A Photo Frame, with a beautiful poem in it, which can also be engraved on.
  • Guidance brochure for family and friends on how to support parents
  • Standard Brochure about Bears Of Hope
  • Our Song Live Among Angels

Our items are of high quality and each item deliberately chosen by our executive committee of bereaved parents, to meet the very early and ongoing needs of parents.

How can you help us continue this service?

Set our Hope Packages up in your local Health Service

There is no cost to hospitals, Obstetricians, Gp's or IVF Clinics for this services. Please contact us for further information.

Gift a Hope package to a family in memory of a baby special to you

This is tax deductible.

Purchase a Hope Package

Create an online fundraiser in honour of your baby.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.