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Bears of Hope is proud to announce that we have entered into a relationship with Aurea Designs to bring you a range of Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss memorial jewellery items. We have worked closely with Aurea Designs to put together this range which represents and embodies Bears of Hope and all that it entails.

Furthermore, the relationship with Aurea Designs is not simply one in which jewellery is made, it is one where Aurea Designs will donate 10% of every piece of jewellery purchased by a Bears of Hope member to the Bears of Hope cause. This includes all jewellery, from a stunning custom made engagement ring, premium Raymond Weillwatches through to remodelling of jewellery you already own. Remember to mention our name when making a purchase.

With over 40yrs combined craftsmanship and incorporating flair and creativity, Aurea are able to work closely with you to turn your dreams into reality and bring life to your old treasures.

By supporting Aurea Designs for all your jewellery needs, you are supporting Bears of Hope and the cause which we all hold dear.

Thank you Aurea Designs for the support you have provided Bears of Hope and your assistance in creating our range.

Aurea create each order specially for you. At times it can take 3-4 weeks from ordering to delivery due to the care and attention placed on making your piece.

Bears Of Hope Jewellery Store

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