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Miscarriage Support Bear - Hope

Bears Of Hope are delighted to announce the launch of our small bear of hope exclusive to miscarriage loss. We have named her Hope. Together with our miscarriage brochure, we aim to offer a very special miscarriage support service to families across Australia.

Hope is donated to families through public and private hospitals of Australia and also directly from us, to initiate that vital early support for families who are still often overlooked, forgotten about, or expected to get over their miscarriage. We acknowledge this earlier term loss as significant as any other loss and respect that some families need that support too.

Each Hope bear is donated by a family who also lost their own baby, to provide that gentle acknowledgement and an immediate connection. This keepsake offers lifelong support to a family and can help them through their grieving process.

We would like to thank ** article 256 is not listed ** and Russ Berrie for supporting us on this very special miscarriage support program.

We need your help! Can you help us get these miscarriage bears of hope into your local hospital or our miscarriage brochures into your local GP in any state? Please contact us today.