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Arranging Your Baby's Funeral

Holding a funeral or a special memorial service for your baby is a beautiful, personal way of saying goodbye. It allows you the opportunity to honour your baby’s life in a way that is unique and significant to you. It’s important to say goodbye to assist in facilitating your grieving and to provide an opportunity for your healing journey to begin.

Below, we have provided some information and ideas that may be helpful.

Funeral Legalities

You are legally obligated to hold a funeral in New South Wales if your baby was born at 20 weeks gestation or over. Before 20 weeks, you can choose to still hold one if you wish. If you have a miscarriage at the hospital, you may also ask to take your baby home so that you can hold a private memorial service if you wish.

Funeral Director

You will need to find a Funeral Director who will assist you with holding a funeral service.

Type Of Service

  • You will need to think about whether you want to have your baby buried or cremated.
  • Will the service be held in the Church, by the Gravesite, in your Backyard or significant other place such as a park or beach? Some parents have found a special place in their garden to bury their tiny baby they lost through early miscarriage.
  • Will you have a Church Minister or Funeral Celebrant?
  • Do you want to hold a viewing of your baby?
  • Do you want a private ceremony or one with family and friends present?

Before The Service

  • Would you like to see your baby privately one last time?
  • Would you like to dress your baby in something special?
  • Do you want to place a toy, poem, letter or something of significance with your baby?

Ideas for the Service

  • Read a special poem, biblical verse or special words during the service, yourself or have a friend do this
  • You might like to arrange a funeral leaflet to be given out to those present
  • Release balloons
  • Release butterflies
  • Have a significant flower/s to be displayed or presented on the casket
  • Have photo’s of your baby, hand & foot prints displayed, or something of significance.
  • Family & Friends to sprinkle rose petals onto the coffin after it being lowered
  • Choose a special song/s to play during the service. Bears Of Hope have launched our own song called "Live Among Angels"
  • Take photos of the service
  • Have someone video record the service
  • Light candles
  • Suggest family and friends donate to a charity instead of giving flowers.
  • You might like to ask family and friends to purchase Bears Of Hope in honour of your baby in leiu of flowers, to donate to other families
  • You might like to receive monetary donations from family and friends in leiu of flowers to help our charity (envelopes can be arranged by us)
  • Bears Of Hope can provide family and friends with important support and guidance brochures for the funeral. These were created to help family and friends understand the impact a loss has on parents and how to support them through their loss
  • Purchase of a special Urn for the Funeral Home to place your baby’s ashes in
  • Send out a notice in the local paper for the funeral
  • Publish a memorial notice in the local newspaper
  • Keep flowers or rose petals from the service to press as a lifelong keepsake.

After the Service

  • Do you want to hold a wake?
  • Do you want to have a memorial book for family and friends to write messages in?

You might like to ask friends or family members to help you where needed. We wish you strength & support to help you through this very heartbreaking time.