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Beating The (Winter) Blues

The darker and seemingly longer days of our seasonal change are approaching. The grey clouds are rolling in, the air is getting colder, and the rain lingers. Within you however, may already be that story. Some of us may be living the darkest storm of our lives, or feeling suffocated by a heavy black cloud, some may be already catching glimpses of sunshine, and for others there may be just periods of grey skies.

You may still be struggling to find a moment in your day that isn’t painful, a moment of laughing without feeling guilty, a time in your life where you truly feel happy, or you may still be struggling to “get out of bed”. As mothers of very special babies, we know too well the heartache and suffering that such a loss leaves us with.

Being grief stricken, having times of sadness, and even living with depression from the loss of your baby, may be the hardest emotional challenge you ever face. Winter is approaching, so we want to share some ideas with you to help you beat the (winter) blues, to help encourage you to find hope in your day and be aware of depression and its impact.

Get Active

  • Get out of bed, have a shower to freshen up, and get on with your day
  • Exercise!!! Releasing endorphins is one of the greatest things to help you feel good.
  • Play a sport, go for a walk or run, join the gym, do yoga, play a round of golf, walk the dog, mow the lawn; do some gentle exercise each day.
  • Have an exercise buddy to help motivate you.
  • Plan different activities throughout your day or week to keep you busy
  • Do something that gives you a sense of achievement
  • Find ways to honour your baby
  • Go on a weekend getaway or a holiday

Manage Your Stress & Mental Well-being

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Get out into the fresh air during your day
  • Have your cuppa in a nice sunny spot
  • Have some feel-good dvd’s to watch
  • Reduce alcohol and drug intake
  • Run a bath, light some candles and relax
  • Change to decaf coffee to help you sleep better
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music

Catch up with friends

  • Plan a regular lunch or outing; something to look forward to e.g once a week
  • Meet up with a family member or friend who allows you to talk about your loss, even if it is over and over again.

Express Your Feelings

  • Don’t bottle up your feelings; allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise
  • Call a family member or friend
  • Write in your diary- feelings and thoughts, poetry or a letter to your baby
  • Scrapbook
  • Create a memorial website
  • Join a face to face or online support group
  • See a counsellor or psychologist-talking about and facing your feelings can only help you, not hinder.

Identify Early Warning Signs Of Depression

  • Difficulty falling asleep, tearfulness, loss of appetite, increasing tiredness, social withdrawal, irritability, and increased anxiety over an extended period may well be signs of depression. Please see a doctor to treat it early.