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Late Miscarriage & Birth

If you have just found out your baby has a genetic abnormality - often described as not compatible with life, your baby has died in utero, or you have gone into early labour, it will be a very traumatic time for you as you prepare for the birth.

Ask Questions

Although your mind will be clouded with grief through the discovery that your little one has passed away or that you will be interrupting the pregnancy there are a few things you may want to ask before the birth of your baby.

  • Will I have to give birth naturally or can I have a caesarean?
  • What size will my baby be?
  • How will my baby look? (with a Genetic Abnormality there may be physical abnormalities you may want to be prepared for)
  • Will the labour hurt? Can I have pain killers?
  • How long will labour take? (It can take some days for labour to intensify to birth depending on how far along in the pregnancy you are)
  • Where will I be after the birth? Hospitals will hopefully accomodate you away from the nursery.
  • Will I begin to lactate after delivery? (Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent this if you would like to)
  • What mementos can I have from the birth? (You may like to organise a professional photographer and twinkle toes. Refer to keepsake links)
  • Will I have time with my baby?
  • Can we take the baby to our family home for pictures?
  • How long will I be in hospital for?
  • Will my baby need a funeral?
  • What are the requirements for my baby to receive a birth certificate? (In NSW any birth from 20 weeks will receive a birth certificate)

Things to consider

  • Do I want to have last photo's taken of my pregnancy?
  • Will we invite people to the hospital to meet our baby?
  • Will we want our other children to meet their brother/sister?
  • Taking a digital camera and or/video camera with you
  • Taking a special blanket/quilt to wrap your baby in
  • Take a diary and pen for you to write any thoughts, feelings or information in.
  • Do we want to have an autopsy done on our baby?
  • What & how will we tell people about our loss?