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Family Time Together

The time you spend with your baby will be the memories you cherish for the rest of your life. It is a very personal choice as to whether you do want to see your baby or not. Please do what is right for you and know that you can always have a photo taken of your baby if you are not up to seeing your baby straight away. It can be confronting seeing a very premature baby, or your baby that is no longer alive. However, parents have found that they overcome this shock and fear once they see, hold, and cuddle their baby.

All we hope, is that you create the memories you wish to have and leave with no regrets after the loss of your baby.

Suggestions for spending time with your sweet baby

  • Name your baby
  • Hold your baby in your arms for cuddles and kisses for as long as you like
  • See your baby whenever you wish, so don't be afraid to ask the nurses to keep bringing your baby to you
  • You can keep your baby in the room with you for as long as you like
  • Wrap your baby in a special blanket
  • Take plenty of photo's (with mum,dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents etc)
  • Take close-up shots (of feet, hands, face)
  • Take photo's of your baby with a teddy or other special keepsakes given
  • You might like to organise a professional photographer e.g Heartfelt- a free service across Australia
  • Bath and Dress your baby and take photo's and/or video footage during this time
  • Have sets of foot and hand prints done
  • Hand and Feet sculptures can be created through Twinkletoes.
  • Wrap your baby or dress your baby in gifts that were given, and take a photo
  • Go for a walk outside with your baby
  • Take your baby home
  • Have video footage taken
  • Have your baby blessed
  • Read or sing to your baby
  • Ask for special mementoes of your baby to keep. e.g. tape measure used, lock of hair, cot name tag, baby's hospital band; don't be afraid to ask.
  • Write in a memorial book the hospital may have.
  • Keep a special diary of your time in hospital- your thoughts, feelings, poetry, and even factual information.
  • Ask for any ultrasound pictures that were taken
  • Ask for medical records to keep
  • Keep your hospital band
  • Take photos of the flowers you receive
  • Place some of the flowers around your baby and take photo's

This is your very own baby who you will have ever so briefly. As heartbreaking as it is, please make the most of this precious time.

Please click here for more information on creating memories before you say goodbye.